amsterdam: pudding

© artdeli / ulrike rehm - caroussel

approaching art with an unapologetic joie de vivre and providing it with a matchingly playful showcase along the way, the newly opened artdeli has intentionally shaken up amsterdam's creative scene. the venue aims to be an incubator of sorts, connecting with artists and creative professionals from various fields to establish a different interaction with aficionados. part of the venue's program is an exhibition series with guest curators, and currently ruling the premises with an immersive showcase is hester alberdingk thijm, director of akzonobel art foundation. whimsically entitled pudding, alberdingk thijm's exhibition obviously is a nod to the sugar-infused coloured jelly as we know it, but more profoundly, it references its stature as a trophy dish often depicted amidst opulently decked tables in 17th-century still life paintings. not surprisingly, food as a whole has proven to be a recurring theme in art up to this very day as it's seen as a metaphor for man’s fleeting existence. alberdingk thijm's pudding showcase presents an eclectic variety of artworks that more or less reflects the multi-faceted kaleidoscope of life itself, and interestingly, also its uglier side. the works on display are by a number of leading contemporary artists from home turf, including marcel van eeden, ulrike rehm, nicholas riis, daphne rosenthal and tim ayres [on through sep 28]. location: artdeli, rokin 93 [centrum].

© artdeli / marcel van eeden - cakes [top] and nicholas riis - noodle the poodle [bottom]