amsterdam: prism

© batallion / work by graphic surgery

batallion gallery in amsterdam is well-connected in the city's urban arts scene and knows how to pull strings to put up an interesting show. for this coming month the peeps behind the gallery requested the assistance of erris hulgens and gys zijlstra of street art and graphic design duo graphic surgery to curate a new show. the duo have invited a number of creative peers they admire and have collaborated with, and will show site-specific wall paintings, risograph prints and a selection of other works that will occupy the entire gallery space. mindy you, all participants have a way with embellishing abandoned spaces, so expect an exceptional visual mash-up of urban creativity. entitled prism, the exhibition opens fri - oct 4 [6pm-10pm], and includes artists erosie, freshco, late, merijn hos, wood and obviously the guys of graphic surgery themselves. location: pazzanistraat 17 [staatsliedenbuurt].

© batallion / works by graphic surgery