amsterdam: precinct 5 store opening

deejay-turned-retailer malvin wix is a man on a mission. as creative director of precinct 5, amsterdam's newest concept store, he's bound to put the local retail scene upside down. 'i've always dreamed of running a shop', he says with twinkling eyes. 'not just any shop but one that features a range of merchandise that's really authentic and close to my heart’. growing up with limited means but with an innate sense of style, wix truly knows his classics. because of this and through acquired taste, he knows to a meticulous extent what the new store should be like and what merchandise it should feature. as a result precinct 5 offers a range of quality men's streetwear and unisex collections with an artisanal feel, spiced up with a well-balanced selection of complimentary labels and items such as head porter, jeremy scott's kooky collections for adidas originals and bedwin & the heartbreakers. many of these brands have previously been unavailable in town. 'today's leading stores select items for their customers. they know exactly what today's savvy shoppers want: the best jeans, the best cd's, the most innovative collabs. anything cool!' he says. for this major retail initiative the former deejay partners with long-time buddies hans brouwer and edson sabajo and guillaume schmidt of patta sneaker fame. precinct 5 is in fact an amalgamation of two stores: enplus, wix’ multi-brand store and stüssy’s new amsterdam chapter store. the latter occupies the front section of the store which previously was a police station [hence the store name] and even a porn movie studio. ‘have a look around the back section’ says wix. ‘you’ll see why i immediately fell for this amazing spot’. the enplus shop area, with its high ceiling and retained utilitarian elements, formed the base of kuub architects' highly compatible interior design. added are sleek modular structures, reminiscent of artist sol lewitt’s open cubes, and made of steel and wood panelling. these can be detached and moved around, enabling continous configuration possibilities. ‘i want precinct 5 to become amsterdam’s sickest store!’ wix says determinedly. you know what? we think he’s achieved that already. location: singel 459 [centrum]. © precinct 5 / photography: marcel van der burg