amsterdam: pink moon

© niels vis / jan van der ploeg - wall painting no. 358 [2013] - acrylic on wall

jan van der ploeg is a dutch painter whose artwork is directly related to the dimensions and qualities of a specific archtectural space, using a blend of geometric abstraction, bold shapes and vibrant colours. often highly decorative, his designs have an empowering effect and have the capacity to radically transform the atmosphere of a space. currently on at nasa is pink moon - organising principles, a rather immersive exhibition that occupies all of the venue's galleries and fully demonstrates the aforementioned qualities of the artist's work.

the works of this showcase are composed of a repetitive number of modular elements, alternated and interrupted by the architectural elements of each room. the paintings don't impose buy work with the spatial circumstances, creating a more balanced visual effect. during the course of this exhibition at nasa there'll be a series of interventions of a different kind taking place in the various galleries by sandberg instituut's dirty art department and the fashion department of artez institute of the arts [on through aug 11]. location: nasa, biemondstraat 105-113 [oud west].

© niels vis / jan van der ploeg - wall paintings no. 359, 360 and 361 [2013] - acrylic on wall