amsterdam: perihelion

© gallery vassie / jason oddy - palace of nations [1999]

gallery vassie continues to entice photo buffs with compelling shows, and the latest talented lensman given the opportunity to marvel is london-based jason oddy. held at the gallery's satellite space on the premises of fotofactory, the exhibition is entitled perihelion and presents a curated number of monumental highlights from oddy's vast body of work from the past fifteen years. this is a photographer who's fascinated by the politics of place, immersing himself in a given space for days and sometimes weeks to capture its very essence with in stunning stylized compositions. all the while, many of these photographs examine the manmade world we normally overlook or take for granted. included in this showcase is concrete spring, one of oddy's more recent series and created in the wake of the arab spring. it's a most interesting in-depth examination of the relatively unknown post-independence legacy of renowned brazilian architect oscar niemeyer in algeria [on through may 2]. location: fotofactory, keizersgracht 82, ground floor [centrum].

© gallery vassie / jason oddy - photographs from the concrete spring [2013] and playas [2004-2005] series