amsterdam: pekka is here

© agent pekka / rami niemi - close-up from pat rogers gets his ass fired

agent pekka is a helsinki-based creative consultancy that promotes top creative talent from across the planet for commissions and collaborations both in finland and abroad. founded only in 2007, the company has now set its sights on international expansion and is to open a second office in amsterdam, one of europe's leading creative hubs. to celebrate the launch of the new office the agency stages pekka is here, a cool exhibition opening fri - may 4 at guns & butter gallery. the showcase features a series of unique artworks made especially for the occasion by no less than 25 of agent pekka's supertalented artists, and which also can be purchased. additionally, works will be displayed by kokoro & moimusuta and tsto, three leading and acclaimed creative companies from the finnish homeland. location: lauriergracht 11 [centrum].

© agent pekka / jamie cullen - amsterdam