amsterdam: patta store relocation

© patta - treasure loft

the boys behind amsterdam's patta store have pioneered sneakers and streetwear in this flat little neck of the woods. they've introduced brands and styles to an ever-growing following home and also increasingly abroad, giving endless style pointers along the way. driven by an ambition to expand and diversify they launched precinct 5, a second and rather spectacular retail venture a few blocks down the road with a range of offerings previously unavailable in town. and now the patta gang is shifting gear once again. in an attempt to upgrade its retail operations, it has abandoned its original digs and relocated to precinct 5's lofty premises. the latter will merge its retail operations with those of patta and also adopt the patta name. so what's in store at the new location? the very same patta-branded apparel, selected footwear, premium apparel and accessories. the in-house amsterdam stüssy chapter store remains an integral part of the new patta store while the ben g skateshop will stay put at the original location. new store location: singel 459 [centrum].

© patta - inside precinct patta