amsterdam: olaf hussein - new standard slim jeans

© olaf hussein - the new standard straight-leg jeans

olaf hussein is a young amsterdam-based fashion label founded only two years ago. although well-rooted in the city's cosmopolitan urban culture, the brand's outlook is decidedly adventurous and keen to define an evolving set of principles. whether it's within the realm of fashion, style or beyond, olaf hussein's vision is one of continuous exploration and making statements. the first collection of olaf hussein is one of simplicity, with pure, tailored lines captured in japanese high-quality denim. the brand sourced the material at the renowned kuroki mill in okayama, the very cradle of quality denim. it's a 13 oz. sanforized selvedge denim that has been dyed with natural indigo, and has been woven on a traditional loom by local craftsmen. these new standard slim jeans come in two fits, a slim and a straight leg. they're highlighted by a unique japanese selvedge zipper, an italian hand-brushed gold button and a hand-stitched green vegetable-tanned, embossed leather patch. olaf hussein's new standard slim jeans are limited to only 100 pairs, and are available at amsterdam's savvy 1 boutique and one other store in the netherlands. store location: cornelis schuystraat 19 [zuid].

© olaf hussein - urban style captured in selvedge japanese denim