amsterdam: miscellaneous

© daan roukens - notes to myself #1 [2013] - oil on linen

if you ask us, shows by emerging artists are among the most exciting ones to check out. these days it's tough to stand out, yet the new digital-savvy generation of creatives seems undaunted and often makes impressive work. an interesting show is currently held at walls gallery in amsterdam's canal district. dubbed miscellaneous, it presents works of twenty promising dutch artists, ranging from paintings and drawings, to light installations and sculptures. a limited number of works by each artist is presented as a collage, and allows the show to be an eclectic but structured showcase of various media and styles. participating artists include daan roukens, royalsteez, barbara helmer, paul heijnen and david derksen [on through mar 9]. location: prinsengracht 737 [centrum].

© daan roukens - notes to myself #2 [2013] - oil on linen