amsterdam: mirrors

© david kretschmer - yeah, we know the feeling...

in a previous post we introduced four, a new men's concept store that has raised the bar for men's retail in amsterdam with its sleek interior and rich offerings. understanding well that the hipster merchandise on offer is very often a reflection of contemporary culture, the store also cleverly engages with artists and designers. in collab with amstel gallery the store presents mirrors, a sale exhibition of an acclaimed series of photographs by german photographer david kretschmer that'll open on fri - may 17 [6pm-9pm]. the work on display is inspired by glances in the mirror as part of our daily morning routine, and emphasizing the difference in time and rituals  of men and women. the photographs are meticulously orchestrated and incorporate well-sourced props to create an intimate atmosphere anyone can relate to. the series is complemented by confessions, a body of work that focuses on taboos and sexual taboos in particular. once again, kretschmer makes use of mirrors to portray several intimate domestic scenes. location: p.c. hooftstraat 127 [amsterdam zuid].

© david kretschmer - morning scrutiny