amsterdam: meet + seat

you gotta love klm for this. the dutch airline introduces meet + seat, an innovative new product that allows online-savvy passengers to be seated next to a kindred spirit of choice. so how does it work? when making an online booking on klm's website, you're able to share your facebook or linkedin profile with other passengers on that same flight, and the manage my booking option on there reveals all other shared profiles. meet + seat is in a try-out phase, and currently available only on flights from klm's amsterdam hub to new york, san francisco, atlanta, houston, toronto, mexico city, buenos aires, rio de janeirosão paulo, cape town and johannesburg. your profile can be shared with other passengers from 90 days and up to 48 hours prior to the departure of your flight to these destinations. for privacy reasons you can only view other shared profiles on the flight you have booked.

photo: boring flights are a thing of the past, at least at klm.