amsterdam: love land stop time

© jur oster + vera van de sandt  diamantes 

although japan arguably is the country best known across the planet for the love motel phenomenon, it certainly isn't the only one, as brazil has had a history – and a matching infrastructure for that matter – since the 1960s. the first venues were initially opened to accommodate low-income couples who lacked privacy in their small abode,, but these days they've evolved into a slew of variations, anc include both luxurious or outlandish options in the country's biggest cities for those who can afford to splurge. amsterdam-based art director vera van de sandt and photographer jur oster have extensively documented brazil's love motels on film during a two-year period, brilliantly capturing their many fascinating, quirky, but also gloriously authentic settings.

the duo set out on this mission right before the country would be flooded by a wave of foreign visitors, evoked by the soccer world cup and summer olympics, and rendering many of these lodgings into mere commercial extensions of the tourism industry. the collab effort of van de sandt and osten, entitled love land stop time, is currently on display at volkshotel featuring a compelling selection of these photographs [on through sep 9]. mind you, a special publication accompanying the show has also been released, comprising of four full-colour prints, a poster featuring 60 full-colour and two black + white photos, and an 8-page fold-out booklet. fancy one? then click here to order yours [international shipping available]. exhibition location: volkshotel, wibautstraat 150 [amsterdam oost].

© jur oster + vera van de sandt – paraíso, le royale, las vegas and álibi [top to bottom]