amsterdam: laugh now

© moco / banksy – beanfield [2009]

with the upcoming opening of moco museum on sat – apr 9, amsterdam's art scene gains an interesting new venue. an initiative by dutch husband-and-wife gallerists lionel and kim logchies-prins, it's an ambitious extrapolation of sorts of lionel gallery, an existing art venue that they've managed for the past few years. the duo have locally gained quite a reputation dealing in works by leading international names in modern and contemporary art. and now, aiming to reach a bigger and more varied audience, they're going the extra yard and open sizeable new venue. the new moco museum occupies villa alsberg – an early 20th century listed structure that's nestled in between rijksmuseum's imposing building on one side, and the stedelijk museum and van gogh museum on the other – and features exhibition settings created by interior designer piet boon. following a successful showcase of works by banksy, one of moco museum's two inaugural shows, entitled laugh now, will be dedicated to the hugely popular yet elusive street artist. the other show will feature a curated range of works by american artist andy warhol. location: honthorststraat 20 [amsterdam zuid].

© moco / banksy – corrupted oil - jerry [2003] and four monkeys [2001]