amsterdam: hôtel droog opening

© droog / photography: thijs wolzak - a single room...or should we say apartment?

droog's homebase in amsterdam's canal district previously comprised of a store and exhibition space, but the wayfaring dutch design brand has annexed an adjacent building to create a new concept that combines expanded retail with hospitality. initially the project envisioned a stunning 10-room designed by renowned tokyo-based architecture practice atelier bow-wow. but quite astonishingly neighbourhood participation vetoed the project, and all that remains of the hospitality concept is a single room. nevertheless, hôtel droog very much adds variation to the inner city's retail landscape. the single room is situated on the top floor, overlooking the so-called fairytale garden by claude pasquer and corinne julhiet-détroyat in the coutyard below. the floors below have subsequently been filled with three stores. kabinet is a select shop offering high-end men's and women's fashion. across the hall is cosmania with an array of exclusive cosmetics, and in an adjacent space shoppers can grab a bite at hôtel droog's very own restaurant. last but not least, design brand weltevree occupies a unit on the ground floor. location: staalstraat 7a [centrum].

© droog / photography: thijs wolzak - restaurant / dining room, kabinet store, cosmania store and courtyard garden [top to bottom]