amsterdam: heavy load

© peer veneman - the three r's [1983-1984]

looking at the elaborate range of works by dutch artist peer veneman [1952] one quickly notices he has gone through many cycles of artistic exploratory development to get where he is now. inspired by minimalism, veneman launched his career by crafting abstract-geometric work from pieces of rusty iron, but gradually developed an eclectic vocabulary of his own that would incorporate various styles and references. a choice of unconventional materials is paired with the execution and finish of a true perfectionist. opening fri - apr 4 [5pm-7pm] at nieuw dakota gallery in amsterdam is a retrospective of veneman's work, the very first showcase in fifteen years. entitled heavy load, it presents a number of exemplary pieces, including the artist's newest body of work which are a gripe against omnipresent consumerism. consequently these have been made from recycled materials and coated with synthetic resin, but in a surprising and total contradiction they're taken form of commercial objects. location: nieuw dakota gallery, ms. van riemsdijkweg 41b [noord].

© peer veneman - objet mis à jour [2013]