amsterdam: g-star raw tailor studio

© g-star - your personal denim tailor

g-star flexes its creative muscle, showing friend and foe what it's made of. we're talking the global launch of the denim brand's raw tailor studio on apr 5 at the g-star flagship store in amsterdam. during this four-day showcase shoppers can have a pair of 3301 red listing jeans customized by a professional tailor by picking buttons, labels and rivets. the 3301 red listing model is made from selvedge denim woven on tradition traditional looms, resulting in an irregular and unique denim structure. another trademark is the red stitch detailing. included in this service is a personalized label that'll be placed on the inside of the waistband. similar temporary studios are scheduled to be launched later this month in both berlin and new york. location: p.c. hooftstraat 26-28 [zuid].

© g-star - at the raw tailor studio