amsterdam: frame store opening

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the gradual increase of leisure time and disposable income has had a profound impact on the infrastructure of many cities. in some cases it has transformed entire neighbourhoods, adding to the overall appeal of a city. with so many destinations to choose from, a city's hospitality and retail scene can even become part of its unique selling points. amsterdam traditionally has had quite a few, from the infamously sleazy to the prestigiously cultural, there truly is something to be had for everyone. a greatly improved hospitality scene now offers more quality options than ever before, and when it comes to noteworthy retail, an unprecedented and continuous influx of luxury and premium brands now have a local outpost here. but when it comes to defining quality-driven retail concepts, the dutch capital hardly makes an impression. 

interior design magazine frame has kickstarted a gutsy mission to change that by simply setting up shop themselves. the cult publication initially tested the water by setting up the frame pop-up store earlier this year, and has now just revealed a bolder project with an extended longevity, frame store. located a few blocks away from its first venue in the canal district, the new premises are similarly imposing. the concept store occupies two floors of a spacious 17th-century canalside mansion, featuring an interior design by dutch architecture practice i29, and one which will be tweaked by various guest artist and designers in the remaining months ahead. the store design is simple and clever, and by banking on the elongated shape of both floors, the variously sized partitions create a highly graphic and playful spatial perspective. 

the unusual setting is matched with unusual offerings as frame store makes an effort to bring something new to the table. headed by robert thiemann, the magazine's editor-in-chief, and shop manager zoe bar-pereg, it'll feature a tightly edited collection of brands and goods that can't be found elsewhere in town, ranging from apparel and shoes, to bags, scented candles and ceramics. the current brand list includes a slew of appealing names, while new introductions are already planned. scheduled for early next year is the arrival of noir, a label by japanese designer and comme des garçons protégé kei ninomiya, while cédric charlier and costume national's diffusion line costumecostume will also be making their dutch retail debut. frame store is very much intended as a showcase of innovative creativity, and not just by way of its merchandise. 

as said, the store interior in one that intentionally evolves. this transition will not only be facilitated by artists who'll each but their stamp on the setting, but also by a roster of happening manufacturers and designers and their respective installations. a concise inaugural exhibition by designer niek pulles, entitled future tribe, presents a collection of masks based on the notion of an ethnic clan that has yet to be discovered. in addition to the retail space, frame store offers an ornately decorated period room within the canal house that's suitable for private presentations or events, while it also maintains a satellite shop across town, and one retail unit in the hague. location: herengracht 178 [centrum]. 

© i29