amsterdam: for the love of chocolate

© kadir van lohuizen - farming family in the ivory coast

your chocolate bar may taste sweet and yummy, but there's an underexposed side to it that's quite the opposite. as global consumption of chocolate continues to rise, the cultivation of cocoa beans - the raw material so to speak - is barely able to meet the demand. dutch photojournalist kadir van lohuizen teamed up with solidaridad, a globally operating ngo which supports sustainable agriculture and fair trade, and traveled to the ivory coast, one of the world's biggest exporters of cocoa beans. van lohuizen visited two african farmers and their families, scrutinized transportation lines all the way to amsterdam - the world's premier trans-shipment center of cocoa beans - and dropped by one of the biggest chocolate factories, documenting his findings in a series of compelling portraits. these photographs are part of a multimedia exhibition, somewhat ominously entitled for the love of chocolate, and which can currently be viewed at the maritime museum in the dutch capital. the showcase aims to instigate a debate among stakeholders of both the cultivation of cocoa beans and chocolate production, and to quickly move forward towards sustainable solutions [on through feb 16]. location: maritime museum, kattenburgerplein 1 [centrum].

© kadir van lohuizen + robert aarts - transport of cocoa beans, kadir van lohuizen and isaac gymafi, director of solidaridad west africa