amsterdam: eenmaal pop-up restaurant

it's predicted that single person households in the netherlands are to increase from the current 37% to 44% out of a projected population of almost 18 million by 2060. most of western society has been increasingly structured around the needs and aspirations of the individual, yet surprisingly a few social taboos remain. dining out alone is of them. design studio marina van goor has teamed up with amsterdam-based branding agency vandejong to rid solitary participation in a public space of negative connotations - or at least have us ponder over them - and developed a quirky pop-up restaurant.

dubbed eenmaal - a double play on words: it's dutch colloquial to indicate the number of people requiring a dinner table at a restaurant, and in this case just one, and also quite literally meaning 'one meal' - the venue can be accessed on jun 28-29 only. occupying a sparsely furnished space in the city's western suburbs, the décor is kept simple and functional, featuring single occupancy tables paired with a motley variety of vintage chairs. but what's cooking at eenmaal? the set dinner is vegetarian and comprises of four courses: rhubarb mostarda, asparagus with camomile and boiled eggs, quince with cheese and cake with a scoop of ice cream. water, elderflower gin and wine are the beverages served, and are all included in the eur 25 check. fancy a solo dinner? then click [here] to make a reservation. location: bos en lommerweg 361 [slotermeer].

© vandejong / photography: jaap scheeren - solitary dining as an urban trend