amsterdam: denim & supply store opening

© ralph lauren - denim & supply launches in amsterdam

an integral part of the ralph lauren empire, denim & supply targets a younger demographic with an americana-inspired clothing line that's built around a staple of premium denim and vintage-inspired sportswear. this is denim & supply's very first stand-alone store, and we don't think amsterdam was randomly picked as the city has developed into a global denim hub of sorts these past few years. the store measures approx. 200 sqm. spread over two floors, and features an interior that blends hints of american heritage aesthetics - a long-time signature theme of the ralph lauren brand - with funky props referencing contemporary music culture. an open ceiling, brick walls, worn wooden floor, metal-framed windows and weathered doors are matched with polished aluminum spotlights and pendant lights. adding further authenticity are the many black-and-white photograps, vintage concert posters and distressed black leather furniture. the ground floor features a complete selection of menswear and one floor up the women’s collection is presented. location: kalverstraat 55 [centrum].

© ralph lauren - americana meets pop