amsterdam: denham store opening

© denham / philip jintes - denham's dedicated women's store in amsterdam's canal district

denim brand denham expands its retail empire with a dedicated women's store, a stone's throw away from its headquarters and flagship in amsterdam's scenic canal district. framed by pristine white walls and an oak fishbone parquet floor, the elongated retail space features a mixture of custom-made and vintage furniture, mannequins on wooden pedistalls and displays. the back section of the store features a boudoir setting with comfy sofa, a photo gallery featuring works provided by gallery vassie, and view of a patio still life with blue-sprayed eames lounge chair. denham's new store not only carries the brand's full range of denim and non-denim collection, but also special special design collabs with dutch jewelry designer eva schreuder and bag design label bagism. location: runstraat 17 [centrum].

© denham / philip jintes + rvda - inside denham women's store, jason denham says cheese [top to bottom]