amsterdam: denham service co. opening

© denham / photography: philip jintes - stitching away with a big smile premium denim brand denham launches denham service co., a bespoke denim service in separate premises adjacent to its stylish flagship store in downtown amsterdam. extending their denim knowledge and craftsmanship to a steadily growing fanbase in the netherlands and abroad, the brand now offers its clientele access to all the denim support required for what should be the long rewarding journey between quality jean and passionate jean-wearing: think handy services such as leg-shortening, fit alteration, hand-washing and tear-repair. the new space is another showcase of founder jason denham's quality denim philosophy, featuring an atelier interior that's very compatible with the aesthetics of the denham flagship next door. location: prinsengracht 493 [centrum].
© denham / photography: philip jintes - bespoke denim service...only in amsterdam