amsterdam: david cronenberg - the exhibtion

© eye + morgan creek / photography: attila dory - still from dead ringers [1988]

toronto-born director david cronenberg [1943] has gained global cult status with his quirky, idiosyncratic films about the relationship between body, mind, technology and mass media. iconic movies such as shivers [1975], videodrome [1983] and crash [1993] are not only exemplary of his peculiar artistic scope, but have also proven to be relevant in the current age of large-scale technological developments, often with unprecedented effects on the human psyche. opening on sun - jun 22 at amsterdam's eye film institute is david cronenberg - the exhibition, a major exhibition focusing on the canadian director.

curated by toronto international film festival's director piers handling and former artistic director noah cowan, the showcase explores cronenberg’s bizarre world through the main themes of his films: the physical and psychological transformation of his protagonists. highlights include the weird and wonderful special effects items from cronenberg’s films, along with bizarre props, set photos and original costumes. obviously, the exhibition is accompanied by the screening of all of the director's 18 feature films and his short films. following the launch presentation in toronto, this is the exhibition's first stop abroad, featuring a new scenography design by claus wiersma. location: ijpromenade 1 [amsterdam noord].

© eye + david cronenberg collection - metaflesh game pod from existenz [1999] and film set of spider [2002]