amsterdam: ceasefire

© the garage / pryce lee - rebel's call [2015] - glass, brass, taxidermy dove and bullets

tucked away in amsterdam's scenic canal district maze, the garage is a private art space with an irregular schedule of events, but when it has got an exhibition up its sleeve, it's always worthwhile to check out. owned by a well-connected creative, the tiny venue very stages intimate shows by budding talent or established artists, and which simultaneously function as an opportunity to reconnect with kindred spirits. opening next at the garage on fri - sep 25 [6pm-9pm] is a solo show by new york and birmingham-based artist pryce lee. entitled ceasefire, the showcase presents a new body of work with which pryce explores the meaning of the culturally charged word with doves, bullets and shattered glass. care to join this private show? send an e-mail mentioning code word superfuture and we'll see you there!

© the garage / pryce lee - doctor's call [2015] - glass, brass, dove skeleton and bullet