amsterdam: boxpark ndsm

© ndsm - a new happening hub of retail and entertainment is in the making

the word has been out for a little while, but only now matters seem to have shifted into faster gear to meet all construction requirements and achieve a timely opening next summer. we're talking boxpark ndsm, a slightly tweaked version of the original boxpark mall which opened in london's buzzing shoreditch area in december 2011. contrary to the retail formula in the british capital, the amsterdam version of the pop-up mall concept will be an indoor affair as boxpark ndsm will be situated inside a disused hangar with a floor space of 6,500 sqm. [69,965 sq.ft.]. this massive and rather spectacular industrial building is part of an expansive complex that once belonged to the now defunct ndsm shipping wharf, and is located in the western docklands of amsterdam noord. it's very much an industrial area in transition, and one which has seen a growing influx of creative companies these past few years. similarly to the pop-up mall in london, boxpark ndsm aims to offer a solution to independent brands that are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with multinational retail chains, and are being squeezed out of prime retail locations. the dutch set-up will see 120 shipping containers used as retail units, occupied by a curated blend of edgy shops, art galleries and cafés, with the vast hangar as a rather unique industrial backdrop. location: neveritaweg 1-5 [noord].

© boxpark ndsm - artist impressions of the set-up in amsterdam