amsterdam: barber salon opening

© barber - photography: wouter van den brink - need a shave?

it's been a trend across the planet for quite some time, and in a brave effort to introduce artisanal barbering to scruffy dutch males, the barber salon opened its doors in amsterdam's scenic canal district a little while ago. offering no less than six different grooming treatments, from a light trim to a full-fledged shave with facial scrub, barber uses a range of top brands only, including portland general store and geo f. trumper. the salon interior is one that blends industrial, vintage and d.i.y. chic into a contemporary and welcoming retail environment. in a move for ultimate exposure among a savvy young male demographic, barber has quite cleverly taken to the road with a series of pop-ups at music festivals and trade shows across the netherlands. location: binnen oranjestraat 24 [centrum].

© barber - photography: wouter van den brink - artisanal grooming arrives in amsterdam