amsterdam: are we strangers now?

© alex simpson

alex simpson is a london-based artist who has dipped her toe in ceramics, painting and printmaking. a graduate from the university of brighton and currently attending the prestigious royal academy of arts, simpson's work meticulously explores a liminal space full of possibilities and encounters, driven by a poetic and sometimes ominous imagination: rivers run backwards, mountains recede, and children play god. through her work the viewer looks toward the centre of creation. exhibiting for the first time in amsterdam, simpson's show are we strangers now? opens at the oz project space on fri - aug 8 [4pm-10pm]. the exhibition presents a new body of work, featuring paintings, ceramics, prints and also sound, all in exploration of the aforementioned allmighty liminal space. please note that after the opening event, the show can be accessed by appointment only. location: oudezijds achterburgwal 66 [centrum].

© alex simpson - husband and wife [top] and let him hide his face [bottom]