amsterdam: amsterdam drawing 2014

© vous êtes ici / koen taselaar - multittled #6 (a hammock between a rock and a hard place) [2013]

amsterdam drawing is an annual art fair with a focus on art work om paper. launching today is the third edition, rallying 50 contemporary art galleries from around the planet to a make-shift venue on the industrial premises of ndsm wharf. the event focuses on a niche section of the art market, and is exclusively dedicated to contemporary paintings, collages and drawings on paper. works on paper in visual arts have a dedicated group of followers, while to many artists, paper is the preferred carrier of their art. a drawing, collage, water colour or painting on paper brings the artist physically closer to the material he or she uses, which results in an intimate experience for the viewer. amsterdam drawing not only aims to lure collectors but also seeks wider exposure for contemporary art on paper [on through sep 21]. this year's participants include lmakprojects [new york], annet gelink gallery [amsterdam], ron mandos [amsterdam], galerie bernard jordan [paris] and tomio koyama gallerylocation: ndsm wharf, tt. neveritaweg 6 [amsterdam noord].

© galerie martin kudlek / alexander gorlizki - summit [2014] and galerie michael sturm / carolin jörg - berg 3 [2013]