amsterdam: 3,2,1,!

© knuckle duster agency - the doppelgang deejays

it's been little over a decade ago that the demise of amsterdam's flourishing nightlife set in. once considered one of europe's leading party capitals, the closure of roxy and it - two legendary clubs and fav hangouts of the global party set - instigated a major setback, and ever since the city has struggled to regain some of its former lustre. but as a new and audacious generation emerges, a shimmer of a rather glamourous light looms on the horizon. some of amsterdam's most innovative creatives have joined forces and found shelter at knuckle duster, an agency that not only represents deejays and performers but also flexes its muscle in the local nightlife scene with happening parties. so, listen up! scheduled for tonight [11pm-5am] at barkode is the monthly 3,2,1,! party, hosted by gianni bab and featuring some of the agency's finest acts. these include deejays doppelgang, valentijn, jean-paul paula, hey girl hey and performances by the sweethearts. location: wagenstraat 3-7 [centrum]. 

© knuckle duster agency - dj valentijn de hingh