amman: airport terminal opening

© foster + partners - a sleek new terminal building and future niche hub

the superfuture crew just lurrrve to travel and do so whenever they get the chance. and they know for a fact that a well-designed airport contributes a great deal to a memorable travel experience. behold this sleek architectural gem that is the new third terminal building at amman's queen alia international airport. designed by renowned london-based architecture practice foster + partners, the domed structure intentionally mimics the black folds of traditional bedouin tents and boasts a combination of modern materials with islamic design techniques. an arrangement of skylights dot the spaces between the domes and allow in floods of natural light. there are two piers of departure gates that run parallel along either side of the terminal building. all shops, lounges and restaurants are situated at the terminal building which also incorprates open-air courtyards that aim to filter pollution and pre-condition the air before it's drawn into the building's air handling system.

the new terminal can accommodate traffic for roughly 3-5 million passengers annually and it's expected to handle around 12 million passengers by 2030. it has a modular set-up thus allowing easy expansion. although queen alia international airport is served by 36 scheduled airlines and having direct air links to major destinations in north america, europe, the middle east and far east, it's currently one of the region's smaller hubs. but this may change in the coming years as the new terminal opening is part of the jordanian government's ambitious plan to both meet the steady increase in travelers while positioning the airport as a niche hub and an attractive alternative to the less modern, nearby airports of cairo, beirut and - although operations are now severely hampered by the civil war - also damascus. location: queen alia international airport [zizya district].

© foster + partners - inside the new terminal, king abdullah II and queen rania of jordan flanked by officials at the opening ceremony