abu dhabi: masdar city

have you heard? abu dhabi may be a wealthy and oil-rich emirate but it's looking ahead, launching a range of initiatives to sustain both the country’s economy and environment beyond the petrodollar era. a major project which is underway now is masdar city, the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city. in addition to full-time residents, masdar city seeks to attract professionals in sustainable transportation, waste management; water and wastewater conservation and other innovative and eco-friendly fields of expertise. by implementing advanced technologies, the city will save the equivalent of more than usd 2 billion in oil over the next 25 years, based on today's energy prices. it will also create more than 70,000 jobs. the usd 22 billion city project is designed by london's norman foster + partners and is part of world wildlife fund’s one planet living program. it’s scheduled for completion in 2016. needless to say that we're curious to see which designer brand will plant a flagship store there first.