abu dhabi: avenue at etihad towers mall opening

© etihad towers - the magnificent etihad towers complex is abu dhabi's new landmark

although being the capital of the united arab emirates, abu dhabi has long stood in the shadow of its agressively self-marketing neighbour dubai. but the city has found a niche for itself and has stepped into the limelight with a vision and an accompanying series of superprojects of its own, and the striking etihad towers is just one of those ambitious endeavours. a mixed-use complex of 887 apartments and office space, featuring five soaring towers of over 300 meters [984 ft.] in height, it's designed by australian architecture practice dbi design and is situated in the upmarket seaside area of ras al akhdar. an integral part of this new architectural landmark is avenue at etihad towers, a high-end mall that features plush boutiques by carefully selected luxury brands, and one that will firmly put the city on the international shopping map.

the mall is set over two levels, and has partially opened to avid shoppers who can indulge in exclusive brands, and many have previously been unavailable in the region. currently half of the envisaged 38 stores are operational and the list includes renowned luxury brands such as hermès, tom ford, burberry, salvatore ferragamo and hervé léger. and as powershopping is a tiresome affair, the avenue at etihad towers mall caters to the needy with a string of exclusive spots where to recharge in a matching grandeur. mind you, paris-based deluxe pastry shop fauchon has just announced it'll open here too. and should you require a more elaborate kind of relaxation, the adjacent jumeirah hotel offers five-star hospitality in many forms. location: corniche road west [ras al akhdar].

© etihad towers + salvatore ferragamo - abu dhabi's one-stop luxury mall