new york: gran fury - read my lips

© gran fury - read my lips kiss in [1989]

aids was first officially reported in 1981, and quickly proved to be a serious health hazard that caused devastation in new york city well into the 90s. the political sphere’s refusal to address or react to the aids crisis inspired a group of designers and artists to form the gran fury collective ,after meeting through act up. naming itself after the model of plymouth automobile used by the nypd, gran fury made public projects that were simultaneously scathing, provocative, stylish and often quite funny. 

opening on tue - jan 31 [6pm-8pm] at 80wse galleries is gran fury - read my lips, the first comprehensive survey documenting the important aids activist art collective's work from 1987-1995. on display is a wide variety of media, including billboards, postcards, video, posters and painting. photographs and records from the period help convey the urgency of the early aids crisis. location: 80 washington square east [noho].

© gran fury - women don't get aids [1991]