los angeles: for the kids

after a successful east coast stint last summer, the for the kids exhibition arrives in los angeles. presented by country club gallery [1] and mondrian los angeles [2], the show opens at both venues on sat - jan 21 [6pm-9pm] and features an amazing range of sports lithographs from the archives of john and tock costacos. the costacos brothers, originally a sports t-shirt manufacturer, built a reputation for fantasy sports posters that gave professional sports heroes a larger-than-life look and appeal. their products captured the imagination of sports fans at a time when athletes were becoming pop stars. the exhibit serves as a mini-retrospective of early costacos posters from 1986 through 1990, and the selection on display here in town will be expanded to include many west coast works that will be shown for the first time.

additionally, pieces will be presented from jeff koons’ first solo exhibition equilibrium. the 1985 show included basketballs floating in display tanks, cast bronze scuba diving tanks and framed advertising posters that appropriated imagery contained in nike ads that preceded the earliest costacos work. interestingly, the nike posters were purchased by koons with the permission of the manufacturer, and were presented as his own artworks. location [1]: 7561 sunset boulevard [west hollywood]. location [2]: 8440 sunset boulevard west [west hollywood].