honolulu: pow wow hawai'i

© pow wow hawai'i

pow wow hawai'i is a creative urban gathering in honolulu of artists from around the planet. its main objective is to engage with the community in the process of creating art, and in this year's edition it's the streets of the city's kaka'ako area. five days prior to the official opening party on sat - feb 18 [6pm-10pm] at loft in space, the artists have been out and about doing their creative thing, and as said, share their endeavours with a live audience. pow wow hawai'i is basically all about the breaking down of those closed doors and making art accessible while taking it a step further by transforming a whole neighborhood with art in a week's time. the motley crew of participating artists, collectives, brands and companies includes ryuichi ogino, arkitip, aaron de la cruz, nicole naone and verbal + yoon. opening party location: 831 queen street [downtown].

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