© OMA / Photography: Marco Cappelletti

Indeed, the 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan is in full swing. For its second participation, Dutch natural stone purveyor SolidNature has tapped acclaimed architecture practice OMA to design an installation across a total area of 500 sqm. (5,382 sq.ft.) that explores the journey of natural stone from its geological formation to the finished product. Situated at the late 19th-century Casa Maveri in the city’s Brera District, the exhibition is divided in two sections: an underground sequence of rooms showcasing the processes through which stone is formed, extracted and processed; and an open-air collection of stone furniture in the palazzo’s garden, designed by invited artists. In the basement, stone is present as large, rough slabs that clad the rooms completely, as if in a journey underneath the Earth’s crust. In the garden, stone becomes a backdrop for the different activities hosted during the week. The two spaces are connected via a sky-blue onyx volume that contains a staircase made of multi-coloured marble (on through Apr 23).

Casa Maveri
Via Cernaia 1 (Duomo)
20121 Milan

© OMA / Photography: Marco Cappelletti and Arthur Wong