© By Brown / Photography: Woody Bos

Beautiful, dynamic, fun, and yet, also quite unpredictable when it comes to weather. The allure of Amsterdam is unmistakable, but when venturing outside to explore its many obvious and hidden gems, the weather can be a challenge—yes, even in Summer. Boutique hotel chain Hotel V, and in particular its 91-room Hotel V Fizeaustraat property in the emerging Oost district, anticipates in an innovative way. The design-led hotel has teamed up with acclaimed Amsterdam-based British designer Melanie Brown and her rainwear brand By Brown, to offer its guests the opportunity to rent a premium, technical raincoat during their stay. Whimsically dubbed Rent the Rain, the rental programme is the first to be offered by any hotel in Europe.

Running for three months, it allows guests to travel light while also adding an element of fun and surprise to the hotel experience. So, how does it work? Well, a coat can be pre-booked before arrival, or alternatively, last-minute at the reception desk upon arrival. The coat is personally delivered at the beginning of a guest’s stay, and when checking out, it can be handed in when checking out and settling the bill. The Rent the Rain programme at Hotel V Fizeaustraat has the added benefit of replacing single-use plastic rain ponchos and short-life umbrellas that guests tend to use when travelling abroad. For tourists who unexpectedly must deal with rain, renting a raincoat is a highly practical and yet durable alternative.

Hotel V Fizeaustraat
Fizeaustraat 2 (Oost)
1097SC Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 20 6623233

© By Brown / Photography: Woody Bos and Hotel V