© Wataru Komachi – Dyson Suck My Dog (2022) – Found mannequin and clothes, wig, spray, vacuum cleaner and cable tie

Last October, Tokyo-based artist Wataru Komachi collaborated with British artist Siena Barnes on the collaborative Flowers of Anarchy show at the gallery space of the Hysteric Glamour store in the Shibuya district of the Japanese capital. Currently on at CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO is an exhibition that’s elaborately entitled Nietzsche Was Wrong And We Are Specters Wandering In The World Of Crap which focuses on the respective creative output of the two aforementioned artists. In fact, the show specifically highlights the duo’s artworks which have muslin shirts, famously worn by Johnny Rotten and very much an emblematic item of punk rock, as a theme. Additionally, Takayuki Kobayashi, the owner of flotsam books, a cult bookstore which specialises in books on art, design and fashion, has selected a range of publications especially for the exhibition in the adjacent Viewing Room (on through Jul 2).

Kishida Building, 7-18-8 Roppongi, Second Floor (Roppongi)
Tokyo 106-0032
Telephone: +81 3 34058438
Tue-Sat 12pm-6pm

© Wataru Komachi – Dyson Suck My Dog (2022) / Muslin shirts by Barnes (L) and Komachi (R) / Don’t Sleep (2022) / Teenage Germs (2022)