© Kenta Cobayashi – Untitled 1 (2021)

Japanese artist Kenta Cobayashi (1992) is known for dabbling on the intersection of photography and digital art, creating artworks that not only blur boundaries, putting them in a category of their own, but also often hint a perception of tech-infused daily life in Tokyo. In recent years, the artist has started collaborating with high-end fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Dunhill, which used his unique visuals for various garments, allowing him to expand the range of expression beyond the two-dimensional frame. And speaking of fashion, Cobayashi currently has an exhibition of recent work, entitled Space-Time Continuum, at Seibu Shibuya, one of Japan‘s leading department store chains. Held at the venue’s Alternative Space on the eighth floor, the show demonstrates the artist’s visual and digital prowess through striking collages and use of colour, and last but not least, abstract brushstrokes. This bold style of late further boosts the dynamic, infusing each work with an urban energy and rhythm. On display new works that examines the possibilities and contradictions of today’s technology with imagery of the bustling Japanese capital blended in (on through Feb 14). Simultaneously on display is a collaborative digital window display with media artist God Scorpion at Seibu Shibuya‘s Building A.

Seibu Shibuya
21-1 Udagawa-cho, Building B, 8th Floor (Shibuya)
Tokyo 150-8330
Telephone: +81 3 34623485
Daily 10am-8pm

© Kenta Cobayashi – Untitled 2 (2021) / © Kenta Cobayashi + God Scorpion – AR Work (2022)