© Alexander McQueen / Photography: William Waterworth

Alexander McQueen has revealed its newest iteration of the Tread Slick project, a photographer series which was first launched in 2020. This new initiative invited a group of photographers based all over the world to capture the house’s signature Tread Slick boot, taking inspiration from the natural world. Always central to the Alexander McQueen universe, now more than ever the beauty and strength of nature and its ability to adapt and regenerate is a symbol of hope for the future. Photographers included are both long-standing Alexander McQueen collaborators and emerging talent. The brief to each of them was the same: to shoot the Tread Slick boot in an environment that means something to them personally. This year the London-based fashion house has collaborated with the following photographers: Katie Burnett (images shot in New York), Malick Bodian (images shot in Lac Rose in Senegal), Gwen Trannoy (images shot in London), Charlie Gates (images shot in London), William Waterworth (images shot on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset) and Max Farago (images shot on Leo Carillo Beach in Malibu). The Tread Slick boot was launched in the S/S 2020 Pre-Collection, featuring an oversized rubber sole with a canvas upper in seasonal colours and is a lighter incarnation of its leather predecessor, the Tread Boot. Upholding a fusion of form and function, craftsmanship and strength, the Tread Slick is now a pillar of the house of Alexander McQueen and a large focus for its market.

© Alexander McQueen / Photography: Malick Bodian and Gwen Trannoy (top and bottom)