Even to the most seasoned fashion insiders, Russian brands very often remain under the radar, but unrightfully so. A number of notable players work different segments, and SHU is fast becoming a household name in affordable leisurewear both home and abroad. Founded in St. Petersburg by Andrey Kravtsov, a Yekaterinburg transplant who initially relocated cross-country for his music studies, the brand has expanded its operations by launching branded SHU shops and pop-up stores both home and abroad, and following the opening of its first flagship store in St. Petersburg, the focus has shifted to Moscow. As the epicentre of Russia‘s fashion scene, it has had a presence here, and it took a little while before the company secured a suitable location for a signature retail space. Mind you, SHU means ‘I sew’ in Russian, playfully referencing the fact that Kravtsov actually started his business by sewing every garment himself.

Following a lengthy search, SHU secured a ground floor unit of a monumental early 20th-century residential building with an ornate façade on Chistoprudniy Bulvar, a busy thoroughfare in the city’s Basmanniy district. The interior design, created by Russian brand communications consultancy Adept Works, aligns itself with the design codes of the first flagship store. Aiming to create a modern yet neutral backdrop which allows the garments to pop, the store features an open-plan layout with an understated palette captured by specially designed stainless steel panels and fixtures, additional wooden panels, granite tile flooring and whitewashed walls. Rows of suspended tubular lights tie in the front and smaller back section of the store which accommodates three steel-clad fitting rooms. The new SHU flagship store carries the brand’s seasonal collections as well as its several thematic lines of jackets, down jackets and raincoats, denim, cotton line and accessories.

Chistoprudniy Bulvar 16 (Basmanniy)
101000 Moscow
Telephone: +7 800 1000661
Daily 10-10