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For the first time since launching Les Parfums Louis Vuitton two years ago, the luxury behemoth releases a sixth fragrance exclusively for men. Called Météore, it has once again been concocted by Louis Vuitton‘s in-house master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud at house’s creative studio in the French town of Grasse. The name, which means a star fragment or meteor, reminds us of power and light, and attracts people like a magnetic force. Meteors captivate us as they follow their heading. Illuminating the night sky as if it were a cloud of flames and dazzling people all over the world, they signal that every moment in life is an adventure, opening up all possibilities. Every day is a new opportunity to discover new horizons, inspiring to rediscover one’s own vitality and optimism. In order to capture the meteor’s sparkle, Cavallier-Belletrud came up with a new perspective on freshness and devised an accord that’s transparent and powerful, and instantly radiates freshness. The best quality citrus was carefully selected without any compromise to inject vital energy.

Bergamot from Calabria, mandarin, and Sicilian oranges give off a vivid scent, and when penetrated by a ray of light, the notes cultivated in plenty of sunlight are delivered one after another. The extraordinary quality of these citruses delivers unprecedented power, with extractables reaching the heart of the fragrance. Tunisian neroli emphasises the brightness of citrus with its brilliance, and the combination of Guatamalan cardamom and Indonesian nutmeg emphasises the depth of this fragrance, giving it a distinctive finish. As a signature and a final touch of sophistication, Cavallier-Belletrud chose Javanese vetiver to bring out its essence in its most beautiful form through a unique extraction method. By removing the smoky notes, the complex scent of vetiver becomes clearer, with fresh and spicy grapefruit and damp earth notes scented along with the amber notes. Louis Vuitton‘s new Météore men’s fragrance fuses elements of the sky and the earth, and embody a distinctive contemporary elegance. The fragrance will be available in stores worldwide and from Fri – Aug 28, but can also be ordered online

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