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Following the opening of Aman Tokyo in 2014 and the rurally set Amanemu two years later, the Aman Group has shifted its focus on Japan‘s ancient cultural capital Kyoto. The luxury hotel and resort chain’s newest property, called Aman Kyoto, officially opens its doors on Fri – Nov 1, and is a new endeavour to open more city locations although the look and feel is tranquil and hardly urban. Well, the fact that it’s set in a garden of a 32-acre forest in the north of the city, a stone’s throw away from Bukkyo University‘s campus grounds, has a lot to do with it. The secluded location offers a peaceful retreat from Kyoto’s hustle and bustle, replete with winding moss-covered footpaths linking forest glades, lush garden settings and rustling streams. Similar to the two previously opened properties, Aman Kyoto has been designed by Singapore-based practice Kerry Hill Architects, and once again, the colour palette is neutral. As such, it beautifully complements the work of local artisans, such as handmade raku tile panels that grace the Living Pavilion and custom-made ceramic tiles decorate the restaurant.

Thanks to the use of natural materials, the minimalist aesthetic is warm and inviting, and extends to the standalone pavilions which house a total of 26 guestrooms. The rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows framing the spectacular natural surroundings, tatami mats covering the floors, and tokonoma alcoves where items for artistic appreciation are presented, provide subtle focal points. Interiors are spacious and light-filled to foster peace, relaxation and contemplation. All furniture, including traditional Japanese lanterns, have been custom-designed and are exclusive to Aman Kyoto. Carefully chosen artefacts, whether vases, artworks or antiques, have been individually selected for each space and celebrate the refined aesthetic and creative values of the Land of the Rising Sun. Offering six room categories, including two presidential suites located in the Washigamine and Takagamine pavilions, all accommodation offers a leafy seclusion with garden views.

The Susuki, Nara, Kaede and Hotaru pavilions measure 60 sqm. (646 sq.ft.), with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the beautiful garden and forest views. The large ofuro bathtubs in each guest room have been crafted from hinoki cypress wood. Obviously, Aman Kyoto comes with a set of facilities which contribute to the properties sophisticated vibe. The natural spring water that flows underneath Aman Kyoto is central to the philosophy at the exclsuive Aman Spa. Traditional onsen bathing facilities, using the water from a local spring, deliver relaxation and healing in their purest forms, while a range of treatments tap into Japan’s natural apothecary, including Kyoto green tea, Tamba kuromame, local sake, and cold-pressed tsubaki oil. Needless to say, dining at Aman Kyoto is a downright feast. The Living Pavilion is a stylish yet cozy dining venue, replete with a bar arranged around a central fireplace.

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto an ornate terrace, with beautiful views of the surrounding gardens and forest. The restaurant, headed by chef Kentaro Torii, serves both home-cooked Kyoto-style cuisines, and innovative Western dishes. Taka-an, the property’s Japanese restaurant, honours the legacy of artist Honami Koetsu (1558-1637) by creating an artist’s colony there. Koetsu was considered a national treasure of his time and was a craftsman, potter, lacquerer, and calligrapher and whose work is considered to have inspired the founding of the Rinpa school of painting. The restaurant is a culinary homage to this heritage and serves as an invitation to experience the authentic and intricate Japanese art of hospitality. Strictly seasonal, chef-selected ingredients are prepared and served with meticulous precision, to serve dishes that transform Kyoto’s local produce into works of gastronomic art. As Kyoto is the very much epicentre of Japanese culture, Aman Kyoto offers guests a series of unique and immersive experiences which will make a stay here even more memorable.

Aman Kyoto
1 Okitayama Washimine-cho (Kita-ku)
Kyoto 603-0000
Telephone: +81 75 4961333

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