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Initially founded three years ago in New York City by Italian siblings Marco and Irene Cassina, art gallery Cassina Projects expands to the Old Continent with a new venue in Milan. Occupying a 1,250 sqm. (13,455 sq.ft.) space on the premises of the Caproni airplane factory, the venue comprises of two exhibition spaces, viewing rooms and offices, blending industrial history with modern gallery aesthetics. Cassina Projects‘ new outpost sees not one but two inaugural shows, but it’s the one by Berlin-based artist Gerold Miller (1961), opening on Thu – Sep 12 (7PM-9PM), which has drawn our attention. Originally trained as a sculptor, Miller also explored painting and installation, eventually creating an artistic language and body of work which combines all three disciplines. The artist’s vision, set, and section series derive from a minimalist principle of a precise and radically reduced composition of superimposed colour surfaces. In order to produce a contrasting effect, Miller combines finely shaded gradients, matte and glossy lacquer, as well as varying monochromatic tones. The solo exhibition here in Milan, entitled The Monoform Show, presents a selection of works from the artist’s so-called Monoform series for the first time, from the first work created in 2014, to more recent works.

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© Cassina Projects / Gerold Miller – set 490 (2018), section 7 (2017) and set 296 (2015)