© Istituto Marangoni / Alexander Schul – Substantial furniture line

A graduate from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, as well as internationally respected gallerist and design curator, Rossana Orlandi launched the Guilty Feeling project in 2017 seeking to enlist the world of design in meeting the challenge of giving new life to plastic. This initiative eventually evolved into Guiltless Plastic thanks to the Ro Plastic Prize, an international competition which rewards sustainably conceived work made of recycled and recyclable plastic. Following the inaugural show in Milan, an equivalent showcase will be presented in London at this year’s edition of London Design Festival. Opening Sat – Sep 14 at Istituto Marangoni’s outpost in in the British capital, is a new edition of Guiltless Plastic, presenting a selection of designs curated by Orlandi and Istituto Marangoni director of education Mark Anderson, and which offer solutions and present creative research on how to process plastic waste in a more cost, time, and energy efficient way. The works include works from renowned artists and designers Piero Lissoni and James Shaw, and also includes emerging designers such as Sanne Schuurman, Federica Cammarota, Dylan Casasnovas, Miloš Ristin, Joseph Andrè Szall, Massimiliano Adami, Ruben Carboni, Hester van Dijk, Alexander Schil and Bailey Allan Fontaine.

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© Istituto Marangoni / Sanne Schuurman – Recycled plastic in process