© Hiroshi Fuji – Toys Saurus-1660B, Araya ashore 1804A (2018)

You could say that Hiroshi Fuji (1960) isn’t just an artist but an activist too. Known for his large-scale installations, the Kagoshima-born Japanese has long been using discarded materials, making visitors aware of today’s global waste problem and the urge to find a solution. After a ten-year hiatus, Fuji has returned to Mori Yu Gallery in Kyoto for a new exhibition that’s exemplary of his artistic vision and the environmental mission behind it. Entitled Jurassic Plastic, the show takes cues from Kaekko, a children’s toy exchange system which the artist invented in 2000 to combat plastic waste. The exhibition presents Toy Saurus statuettes which the artist crafted from various toy elements from the aforementioned exchange system, in addition to a new range of mosaic-like works using the very same components. The exhibition title refers to the fact that crude oil, the raw material used to manufacture plastics, is deposited in subterranean layers and comprises of dead flora and fauna thousands of years ago (on through Jun 30). Location: Mori Yu Gallery, Shogoinrengezo-cho 4 – 19 (Sakyo).

© Hiroshi Fuji – Toys Saurus-900Y Araya ashore 1804A (2018)