© Balenciaga

Paris-based fashion house Balenciaga has released a new series of so-called Balenciaga Loops, video art clips paired with electronic music soundtracks on the brand’s very own YouTube channel. The videos are inspired by user-generated loop animation, and ooze Balenciaga‘s slightly off-beat aesthetic. Nevertheless, the beats are totally suitable for partying. The first animation is created by Berlin-based illustrator Max Guther and the second is by Dutch digital artist Max de Waard. As for the soundtracks, they’re a collaboration with online radio station Rinse France, and if you ask us, totally suitable for a massive rave at a clandestine urban spot of choice.

Balenciaga Loop 1
00:00 Simo Cell – As Long As We Have These Things (Livity Sound)
04:35 Benoit B – Wet Cellophane (Berceuse Héroïque)
05:48 Manaré – Sun Deck (Freeform)
11:59 DK – It’s Goin’ Down (Get The Curse Music)
15:15 Vidock – Fréquence Amazone (Fragil Music)
17:35 Donarra – L’Eternel Poséidon (La Chinerie)
23:05 Piu Piu – Dancing To The Groove (Rinse France)
25:51 French Fries – D’Angelo (ClekClekBoom)
29:59 French Fries ft. Chaos In The CBD – Traxx (ClekClekBoom)

Balenciaga Loop 2
00:00 NSDOS – Meridien S-Dos (ClekClekBoom)
04:05 In Aeternam Vale – Subway Battle ft. P Tona (Dement3d)
08:48 François X – Slower than Ever (Dement3d)
13:49 Voiski – Micro Mouse Mappy (Dement3d)
19:30 Soul Edifice – National Insurrection (Tripalium)
22:24 Bambounou – Composer (50 Weapons)
26:03 Voiski – 205 Colourline (Dement3d)
29:11 December – Sociability Is As Much a Law Of Nature As Mutual Struggle (Pinkman Records)