tokyo: busy work shop





t-shirts and casual streetwear. a bathing ape, BAPE, ngap, everything has disguised apehead plastered on it somewhere. A Bathing Ape ashtray is the choice item for sale. Bapepsi rama.


...are all wearing A Bathing Ape...


Often more staff than items on the shelf.


picture this: small side street, steps to basement entrance, ominous heavy-duty surveillance camera mounted on pole in white concrete courtyard, opaque white glass sliding door with black silhouette of ape's head. There is no name. long passageway with ce


>> avant-ape <<


4-28-22 b1f jingumae shibuya-ku tokyo


+81 3 5474 0204





21 april 2009

last checked

21 april 2009

It appears that people actually buy A Bathing Ape clothing for investment purposes. Dubious quality t-shirts bought for ´12,000 [$100] can be sold later for double...As a consequence, you often have to queue up to get in. check Nowhere Aoyama also...[Update 25.09.99 a queue of around 50 people waiting to get in [Update 14.11.99 20 person queue- 19 of them wearing at least 1 item of A Bathing Ape...] [Update 26.11.99 saw new A Bathing Ape CD - not exactly spectacular graphics...didn't get to listen yet] - Another queue Hardly any stock! counted 4 t-shirts, 3 jackets, and few other pieces. we found more for sale [and higher prices] on the street [on weekends check the backstreet which runs from A.I.P. back to Shibuya...] Update 9.04.2000- store packed with clothes and customers - some choice items...Update 08.01.2001 still alive and kicking...Update 03.11.2001 Bapepsi [a bathing ape and pepsi] launched new softdrink and harajuku shop floor with exposed drainage and sewerage pipes... not all that different really. lots of bapepsi bottles behind bulletproof glass... bapepsi everythang everywhere... beds, bottle caps, bathers, mobile phone bits... Bapepsi makes merchandising at Disney look smallfry. Bapepsi website is cute