• isola

    maastricht: isola

    a 'girls only' mini department store. clean modern designs by filippa k, pringle, hugo boss, guru and french connection. m/aff_vaca

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • traders pop gallery

    maastricht: traders pop gallery

    like the stuff you find at a garage sale, traderspop features an eclectic heap of articles both old and new, trash and trophies. shoes by camper, vintage t-shirts, cheap chinese made toys, CDs etc.96&T

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • walter steiger

    maastricht: walter steiger

    chi chi brand with colourful shoe and bag designs for discerning girls.

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • wolters

    maastricht: wolters

    this is a regular pet shop which caught my eye because of the striking and outrageous dog collars in the window: black leather with turquoise stones and set in messing which would easily match an equally outrageous galliano or alexander mcqueen outfit.

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • yangtze china store

    maastricht: yangtze china store

    funny little shop selling mainly oriental knick-knacks, jewellery and other most peculiar parafernalia. an interesting plus is the indoor golden sun corner [open on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays] which specializes in pedicure/manicure treatments, tarot card reading and hand reading > reservations: +31 43 3900568. "

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • aveda

    maastricht: aveda

    deluxe beauty parlour & shop hidden in the gigantic mexx store.

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • class

    maastricht: class

    beautiful shop selling beautiful clothes for beautiful men.38

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • mu

    eindhoven: mu

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • pl-line

    maastricht: pl-line

    housed in a grand downtown mansion, this store has such a personal ambiance, making you feel like browsing through the wardrobe of a [gay?] man with both taste and money. brands that tickle your senses can be found here. a second store with sporty stuff like prada sport, y-3 and stone island is located around the corner at heggenstraat 10 and also doubles as an outlet branch.

    16 september 2011 by andreas
  • zes

    maastricht: zes

    part of the derlon hotel, zes is a stylish modern break from maastricht's usual upmarket bourgeois traditionality. located smack in the centre of town and with its own outdoor terrace, this restaurant + lounge is probably the nicest spot to unwind after your frenetic shopping spree.

    16 september 2011 by andreas