• hotel v

    amsterdam: hotel v

    it's not only the canal district that has cool lodgings, as hotel v's newest property aptly proves [09.2016].

    10 september 2016 by andreas
  • hotel mets shibuya

    tokyo: hotel mets shibuya

    you get what you pay for: good location, small rooms, negligible service. mets has hotels all around tokyo. rates start around ¥11,000.

    09 september 2016 by superfuture
  • shibuya hotel en

    tokyo: shibuya hotel en

    well priced and well located. the rooms don’t have much personality, but it's super clean and new and very white.

    09 september 2016 by superfuture
  • hoshinoya tokyo

    tokyo: hoshinoya tokyo

    just opened this summer [2016], this ultra-luxe modern ryokan in the centre of otemachi boasts tokyo’s first natural hot spring spa.

    09 september 2016 by superfuture
  • lloyd's inn

    singapore: lloyd's inn

    arguably the coolest value-for-money lodgings in town.

    03 september 2016 by andreas
  • notel

    melbourne: notel

    six luxury design-led trailers make up the quirky notel hospitality concept [08.2016].

    27 august 2016 by andreas
  • jam

    brussels: jam

    concrete and timber never looked so good. we're talking the city's funkiest lodgings of late [08.2016].

    23 august 2016 by andreas
  • the student hotel

    groningen: the student hotel

    student lodgings 3.0 arrives in the far north of the netherlands.

    16 august 2016 by andreas
  • madera hollywood

    hong kong: madera hollywood

    inspired by the golden years of hollywood, this soho boutique hotel offers up hi-voltage colors and en-suite kitchens.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • little tai hang

    hong kong: little tai hang

    lifestyle destination slash boutique hotel little tai hang sets out to create an artisanal address for savvy travelers. picture great views, residential-inspired interiors and relaxing terraces at every turn.

    15 august 2016 by kate