• zoku

    amsterdam: zoku

    innovative yet homey lodgings for next gen travelers [05.2016].

    23 may 2016 by andreas
  • hôtel andré latin

    paris: hôtel andré latin

    this part of town finally has the cool lodgings it deserves [05.2016].

    18 may 2016 by andreas
  • book and bed

    tokyo: book and bed

    only in tokyo: a quirky hostel which pairs a good night's sleep with a setting that induces reading [04.2016].

    15 april 2016 by andreas
  • ace hotel

    new orleans: ace hotel

    where northwestern coast cool meet southern charm... [04.2016].

    14 april 2016 by andreas
  • generator

    amsterdam: generator

    haven't you heard? flashpacker central has arrived in town [04.2016].

    08 april 2016 by andreas
  • axiom hotel

    san francisco: axiom hotel

    a new design-led boutique hotel that's totally compatible with digitally inclined travelers [03.2016].

    04 april 2016 by andreas
  • amanemu

    shima: amanemu

    a stunning design-led resort smack in the middle of a lush national park? you just found one. [03.2016].

    02 march 2016 by andreas
  • katamama

    bali: katamama

    a boutique concept that blends local culture, modern hospitality and plenty of quirky personal tweaks [02.2016].

    18 february 2016 by andreas
  • sago hotel

    new york: sago hotel

    finally, there's a boutique hotel just as cool and edgy as the neighbourhood itself [02.2016].

    15 february 2016 by andreas
  • bunka

    tokyo: bunka

    cool budget lodgings that capture japanese culture in a modern way [01.2016].

    11 january 2016 by andreas