• notel

    melbourne: notel

    six luxury design-led trailers make up the quirky notel hospitality concept [08.2016].

    27 august 2016 by andreas
  • jam

    brussels: jam

    concrete and timber never looked so good. we're talking the city's funkiest lodgings of late [08.2016].

    23 august 2016 by andreas
  • the student hotel

    groningen: the student hotel

    student lodgings 3.0 arrives in the far north of the netherlands.

    16 august 2016 by andreas
  • madera hollywood

    hong kong: madera hollywood

    inspired by the golden years of hollywood, this soho boutique hotel offers up hi-voltage colors and en-suite kitchens.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • little tai hang

    hong kong: little tai hang

    lifestyle destination slash boutique hotel little tai hang sets out to create an artisanal address for savvy travelers. picture great views, residential-inspired interiors and relaxing terraces at every turn.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • st. jerome’s – the hotel

    melbourne: st. jerome’s – the hotel

    a downtown glamping for the more adventurous globetrotter demographic.

    10 august 2016 by andreas
  • hotel anteroom

    kyoto: hotel anteroom

    affordable lodgings that blend art and design.

    03 august 2016 by andreas
  • el hotel

    ibiza: el hotel

    the hotel extension of pacha is situated across the road.

    30 july 2016 by andreas
  • citizenm

    london: citizenm

    design-led budget lodgings arrive in the city [07.2016].

    12 july 2016 by andreas
  • generator

    stockholm: generator

    a cool place where to lay down your head, even when you're traveling on a budget [07.2016].

    06 july 2016 by andreas